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One Click Apply - How it works!

  • Climbto350.com's "One Click Apply" feature allows you to apply for a job with one click of your mouse.
  • Our "One Click Apply" feature sends the Employer your cover letter along with a link to your online resume.
  • Most people send their resumes as file attachments which may contain viruses and in many cases get deleted without ever being read. With our "One Click Apply" feature - The Employer receives your resume as a link to your online resume. It doesn't get much simpler for Employers, than that...

What you see . . .

    When you login, our "One Click Apply" feature is activated for you automatically!  






    Find the job posting you're interested in and click on it!
    If the job is of interest to you and you would like to apply, simply click on the "Click here to Apply" and an email form will open up with your cover letter text in it.  
    At this time you can, if need be, tailor your cover letter before sending it. Once you have done so, simply click on the SEND button and your Resume and Cover Letter are on their way!  

What the Employer sees . . .

    When the Employer receives your email, the subject line of the email states the position you are applying for and the body of your email contains your cover letter along with an active hyperlink for them to access your online resume with a single click.  
    When Employers click on the link sent to them by our "One Click Apply" feature, they see your online resume.